Selson Lurika serves WFGC Television as an International Programming Associate. With his unique interest in bringing innovative programming to the youth and his connection to Gospel programmers in the Portuguese language, Selson will bring inspiring Gospel programming to our television viewers here in South Florida and to our International viewers on the Internet as well.


The second of 6 children, Selson was born in Angola, on June 4th, 1981, in a province called Malange,  located 380 kilometres (240 mi) east of Angola's capital Luanda. Near it are the spectacular Calandula waterfalls, the rock formations of Pungo Andongo, and the Capanda Dam, natural beauties of Angola, The climate is mainly humid, with average temperatures between 20 and 24 °C (68 and 75 °F) and rainfall 900 to 130 millimetres (35.4 to 5.1 in) in the rainy season (October to April).


 After Selson was born his mother had to return to the capital; Luanda to look for better conditions because of the war. She was father and mother but educated and taught him the word of God, with love and kindness. When Selson was young my mother use to take him to church.


Selson lived and studied in Luanda for all those years but after 25 years he visited Malange where he was born. He went to a technical School and studied chemistry and then went to law school. Selson also loves music and his mom tells the story that when he was 3 years old he used to take a peace of wood and pretend it was a guitar and sing to his family. When he grew older, he learned how to play the guitar and In 2003 he and some friends created a youth Christian band called D7-Dimention Seven and recorded a CD titled 70*7, an album with songs that talked about the love and grace of God. This album blessed many families. Selson serves in ministry at God in Faith and Deliverance Ministry, Pentecostal Church.


God blessed Selson with a beautiful family. He is married to Manuela Costa and they have 3 children, Gabriela 14, Nathaniel 8 and Daniel 2, they also take care of 3 children from his brother that passed away.


Selson Lurika has always loved music and listening to the Radio. Because of his fondness for radio, a journalist friend of his sister,  invited him to assist  with his Radio show that he presented on an FM station. Selson enjoyed the experience and few years later in 2014, he received a vision from God to create the first 100% gospel radio in Angola. It was to be Radio that motivates young Christians and created a great movement of young musicians, poets and evangelists.


Selson Lurika is the CEO and founder of the first Online Gospel Radio Station in Angola, "Radio Gospel Angola", a 24 hour, non-profit online radio station founded 4 years ago, with headquarters in Luanda-Angola but heard worldwide, with the mission of empowering people with practical teachings about gospel of Jesus Christ, grace, peace, love, and salvation to the Angolan people, promote  Gospel music from everywhere, social projects, and much more.


Selson's ministry is to help millions of people to experience God's grace forgiveness of sins, restoration and healing through projects that innovate the way of preaching the Gospel to young people in Angola.


Selson Lurika's visionary effort has created the following projects to engage the young people with the word of God in the slum areas:

 -Mobile Gospel Cinema: Weekly Christian and educational movies goes to the communities.

 -The Mobile Library: Free readings of bibles, christian and educational books.

 -Karaoke Gospel: Promote entertainment for the people who loves singing gospel music.

 -RGA food distribution: Distribution of meals during the events.


Quick Facts About Selson Lurika

  • He loves to play the bass guitar
  • His favorite song is 'Great is thy Faithfulness' by Israel Houghton.
  • His favorite book is 'Everyday is a Friday' by Joel Osten.
  • His favorite movie is the Peregrine.
  • He likes reading, and experiencing different foods
  • He loves walking in the park, and travel with his family
  • He enjoys giving love to people in need.
  • Selson's favorite food is Mufete

Mufete is an Angolan traditional food made of fresh grilled river's tilapia and a mild spiced onion sauce accompanied with stewed palm oil beans; boiled sweet potato; boiled plantain and boiled cassava.

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