Valentin Fontanez is a husband, father, grandfather, Pastor and since July 2000 has been a television program host. Currently hosting the television program, Saludos, seen weekly on CTN South Florida – WFGC TV, Pastor Valentin Fontanez has become a welcome television guest in homes throughout South Florida.


Valentín Fontanez holds an Associate degree in Education from Interamerican University in Puerto Rico. He also holds a Masters in Christian Counseling from Vision University and a Masters in Theology from Latino American University. He has traveled to Central and South America on missionary trips and also Haiti, Cuba, and Dominican Republic. He has also traveled to Israel, Egypt and Europe.


Valentín Fontanez was born in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico to a family of 13 brothers and sisters. At the age of 20 he got married and had 2 children. However, after that marriage ended in divorce, he turned to a life of drug addiction and later he ended up in a rehabilitation program at Philadelphia Teen Challenge. After his successful completion of the program at Philadelphia Teen Challenge, he married Wanda Nieves and they moved to Florida to work with More Than Winners Ministry “Ministerio Mas que Vencedores” with Pastor Mario Marrero. In 1997 he started Ministerio Cristiano Refugio Eterno that included a rehabilitation program and also founded a Church of the same name.


Valentín enjoys going on cruises with his wife, Wanda, playing with his grandchildren, cooking and traveling. Valentin’s favorite food is red beans and rice with pig’s feet or pork chops. Valentín Fontanez is blessed with 4 children and 4 grandchildren and is also grateful to be the Pastor of a marvelous church.


Pastor Valentin Fontanez gives glory and honor to God for carrying him through some difficult times in his life to the place of peace and prosperity he now enjoys!


Quick Facts About Valentin Fontanez

  • Born in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico
  • Married in 1993 while at Philadelphia Teen Challenge
  • Likes taking ocean cruises with his wife Wanda
  • Loves playing with his grandchildren
  • ​He loves to cook
  • He is a Pastor
  • Has served as a television program host since July 2000
  • Favorite Food Dish - Red Beans and Rice with Pig's feet

Valentin loves the tastes of Latin American food, however one of his favorite dishes is red beans and rice with pig feet.

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